Lifetime Community Rating (LCR)

Avoid paying more for being over 34.

What is Lifetime Community Rating?

If you are over 34 when you take out health insurance, you may have to pay extra for your cover. It works out at an extra 2% loading on to your premium for each year (for max 10 years) above 34, and up to a maximum of 70%.


What do I do next?

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So which one are you?
I have never had health insurance before (Video)
I had health insurance in the past but don’t anymore (Video)
I am a Laya Healthcare member (Video)
I am a member with another provider (Video)
I have a Cash Plan

Calculate your Lifetime Community Rating

This calculator assumes:
  • Where you state that you do not currently have health insurance, you have never had health insurance previously;
  • Where you state that you do currently have health insurance, you will keep that health insurance; and
  • You were resident in Ireland on 1 May 2015.


  • If you’re 34 or below, you won’t have to pay any extra.
  • If you’re 37 when you first take out insurance, you’ll pay 6% (3 years  x 2%) extra for your cover.
  • If you’re 54, you’ll pay 40% (20 years x 2%) extra.

It mounts up, doesn’t it? There’s a real saving if you take out your first health insurance before you turn 35. If you do, you don’t have to pay any additional premium as you grow older.

Cost of health insurance premiums
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