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  1. I don’t really understand why it’s going up. But I think also the fact that if some people are dropping their cover and there’s a smaller pool and there’s less young people in the pool that means there’s less profit.

  2. I think it’s increasing because more people are dropping it.

  3. I have a plan that wouldn’t be a Rolls Royce plan. It’s pretty basic. But my view is it’s better to have a basic plan than no plan at all. It’s a fear factor – you don’t want to not have a plan. That is my logic at the moment, better to have something than nothing.

  4. I thought the real high prices for health insurance were down to the health insurance companies just being pure greedy but they’re probably not actually making much of a margin out of it.

  5. A lot of people stress out about paying health insurance because their take‐home pay has gotten so slight. If you take a salary today versus what you would’ve brought home 10 years ago there’s a big difference. It’s amazing


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